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Glenn Turner visited FIFA Goal Project in Santo

The project involves housing LFA and SFA office, Northern Region Academy, JustPlay program office, Women’s football and other football development functions inside Luganville Soccer City compound in Luganville.
Today 24th April is Glen’s second visit this year after his last visit on 3rd March this year, all following up on building progress with Kim contractors and Mainguy civil engineers.
OFC President David Chung briefly visits the building last week but unfortunately the roof was not up yet but Glen came to almost a complete structure, accompanied by Vanuatu football chief Mr. Lambert Maltock.
Glen said he is happy about the construction progress and the building looks surprisingly solid to withstand cyclones and that is important for a country which has been recently devastated by Cyclone Pam.
After inspections, OFC/FIFA, VFF, LFA officials and building contractors with engineers updated their work schedules and Kim constructors estimated the building should be completed end of May with additional touch up will take up to mid June 2015.

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