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Community Kids festival a success

It was a day of enjoyment and fun for all children and there were lots of parents and volunteers turn up to watch their kids play basic football at Amicale Soccer Field last Saturday.
As the day went on the excitment increased as kids start to enjoy the real basic football training under all VFF coaches uncluding Amicale strong defender Richard Anisua.
Kaison Maki, Just Play Program Development Officer said,” its really good to see children coming in big numbers to play football.” Iam very happy and to be honest the first Community Just Play festival probably one of the best in 2011.
“Every Festival has its own identity and purpose to help children living in a different communities in Port Vila to enjoy life with football and we can see that happening in all areas we visited last week.”
“Last week we went to over 12 different areas in Port Vila and the outcome is over 2,000 kids participated in the program and thats a fantastic result for Vanuatu Football Federation and this week our target is to reach over 2000 kids again.”
“The festival was a huge success and everything ran smoothly and stayed on schdule.”However none of these would have been possible without all the helps from our volunteers, parents, friends and Amicale top players.”
“In the end it was just what we wanted it to be which was a positive and memorable experience for the kids who loves football.” concluded Kaison Maki.

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