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Clubs must pay their affiliation fees

In a circular to all club Presidents and media organization this week, Mr. Felix reminded the clubs to pay their football affiliation fees before the 15 of February 2016.
“There are 27 clubs potentially eligible to participate to play in the PVFA Cup 2016.” Said Mr. Felix Stephen, PVFA President.
“Clubs must complete and return to Port Vila Football administration their registration forms with full payment of the affiliation fees or at least the first payment of VT 20 000 by the 15 February 2016.”
“Clubs must return application form for each player with a fee of VT 1500 and a soft copy ID photo by 15 of February 2016.”
“This is a very important notice and clubs must take it seriously.”
“I know everyone wants to see football in Port Vila and Vanuatu grow and this is the only way we can move forward.” Said Mr. Stephen Felix.
PVFA should kicks off its football opening cup next month.

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