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Try Get started as a football referee; Joseph

So, if you fancy taking charge and being the official in the middle of the pitch, how do you go about becoming a football referee? These are the questions, Local FIFA Assistant Referee Michael Joseph always ask his young referees every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm when they come for training.
“Becoming a referee demands commitment, a fair degree of fitness, and most definitely a sense of humour. The referee’s job is an almost thankless task; get the decisions right and it’s exactly what you are expected to do, but make an incorrect call and you’ll be in for some stick. But still people with a love for the game make the decision to become a football referee.”
“Our League in Port Vila is the strongest in Vanuatu and you can see that nearly everyone in the stadium knows the basic laws of the game because when you miss an offside or foul, everyone shouted at you.” said Michael Joseph.
Over 15 new young referees attended referee training every Wednesdays afternoon at Port Vila with the younger’s aged 11 and he already officiated few first division matches in Port Vila.
Most important points
1. ‘Knowledge of the Laws’ is the course introduction and introduces would-be referees to the benefits and opportunities of refereeing.
2. ‘Application of the Laws’ puts theory into practice, and involves on-field interactive activities, and self-evaluation techniques.
“So Referees have to study hard, train hard, and put that into practice in match situations before they’ll finally have earned the right to call themselves a referee.”
“And if your ambition is higher you could even find yourself climbing up the refereeing ladder to becoming a top referee capable of officiating at Premier League matches or even higher. So give refereeing a go; you never know who you might end up blowing the whistle on.”
“Finally I would like to thank Port Vila Football Association and Vanuatu Football federation for their great support towards referee development in Vanuatu.” concluded local FIFA Assistant Referee and referee fitness trainer.

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