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MP Marc Ati sponsor Luganville Football

Mr. Marc Ati named the tournament after his late son Jules Ati who passed away in 2009 in Luganville, Santo.
His supporters handover VT 150 000 to Luganville Football President, Mr, Sakias Boe last week in Santo.
“This is not the first time I sponsor football in Luganville, Santo.” Said Honorable member of Vanuatu Parliament, Marc Ati.
“I have sponsored football activities in Luganville in the past and on behalf of my families and supporters in Luganville, we would like to continue to support sports development in Luganville, Santo.” He said.
President of Luganville Football Association, Mr. Sakias Boe thank MP Marc Ati for his generous donation towards the development of football in Luganville, Santo.
Mr. Ati promised to sponsor Jules Ati tournament for four years in Luganville.
Jules Ati tournament kicks off last week in Luganvile, Santo.
He also donated VT 100 000 to Luganville Netball Association.

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