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Vanuatu Gideons prepares for OFC Futsal qualifiers

The Pre- Squad has been in training for the last two months now until today under the director for head coach Louis Dominique.
Louise invited the former Solomon Islands futsal national team coach Dickson Kadau to help him prepare the team.
Mr. Dominique also mentioned three futsal experts from Adelaide, Australia will be arriving end of this month to help the team too.
The 2016 OFC Futsal Championship will be held at Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji from 8-13 February with the hosts joined by Tahiti, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and New Zealand.
List of Vanuatu Gideons Pre-Squad:
1-Serge Daniel( Erakor Golden Star)
2-Ben Hungai (USIB FC)
3-Dudley Dominique (Santos FC)
4-Falkon Joseph (Eastern Star FC)
5-Jimmy Malap (T United)
6-Jacky John (Northern Star FC)
7-Tony Toro (Naursusum FC)
8-Jason Timatua (Shepherds United)
9-Donald Avock (Namba 3 Aveck)
10-Morsen Lui (Namba 3 Aveck)
11-George Mahit (Namba 3 Aveck)
12-Ricky Tuigaloa (Tupuji Majik)
13-Pakoa Rakom (Tupuji Majik)
14-Terry Malapa (Tupuji Majik)
15-Don Mansale (Tupuji Imere FC)
16-Ronaldo Wilkin (TUnited)
17-Jack Firiam (Naursusum FC)
18-Abert Tho (Melan FC)

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