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Bertoni happy to win against Apia

“The aim is always to win and play really well.” Said Marco Bertoni.
“It’s always beautiful to play spectacular football but it’s more beautiful to keep winning.”
“One of the important things I always reminded my players, is to play as a team and win as a team.”
“What I saw on Monday against Apia FC is from the goal keeper to the strikers, we all play as a team and that is very important.”
“This is a very strong Apia side, so I think the performance of our players was very good.”
“My players must forget Monday’s game and now our focus is on this Saturday’s match.”
Amicale won the first leg 2-0, thanks to goals from Diego Nadaja and Fenedy Masauvakalo and will meet Apia Tigers against this Saturday at 3pm in the second leg final of the Grand Casino Cup 2016.

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