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Coaches received OFC D License

The certificates were handed over to the coaches by OFC executive member and President of Vanuatu Football, Lambert Maltock.
Lambert Maltock said, “This is the first time that OFC has recognised 15 of our coaches who have succesfull pass their Grassroot football D license and VFF is very happy.”
“Now is the time to go out to the grassroots in the islands and start teaching them about basic football.”
The Grassroot Coach Certificate is aimed at the coaches working with children in Primary schools all round Vanuatu and the first lauching of the program took place on Malekula Island last year.
Charles Vatu, VFF Technical Director said, “There were 24 coaches who participate in the course last year and only 15 have pass their test and the rest will reset their test soon.”
Coaches who pass their test:
Charles Vatu, Toroi Sokomanu, Steven Ben, Yannick Meltecoin, Terry Lee, Etienne Mermer, William Lele, Grahma Waoute, Charles Carlot, Lorry Thomson, Kaison Maki, Wilson August, Moise Poida, Bong Shem and Emmie Sope.
Coaches who will reset their test:
Maxim Robert, Jeannot Wabaiat, Alfred Hinge, Vira Lenge, Hardyson Rorou, Steven Samson, George William Jimmy Sope and Roy Willie.

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