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Just Play thank Asco Motors

The community bus provided by Asco Motors has helped deliver not only essential football skills to the children in our communities and school but also the key messages of Just play which are gender equality, respect, health and education promotion.
During the O League match between Auckland City and Amicale FC last month, 40 Just Play children from Vila north School displayed their skills in front of a huge crowd awaiting the O League match between Amicale FC and Auckland City.
Wearing their self-made ‘I love Just Play’t- shirts the kids took part in a festival.These children were then given the opportunity to be the flag bearers and ball boys and girls during this important match.
Not only did these children have the opportunity to have fun and participate in playing soccer, they were also given important responsibilities, building their confidence, respect for each other and their future.
The Just Play team would like to thank its main sponsor, the Australian Government and our other sponsors like Asco Motors

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