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Yatel FC wins in first premiership appearance

Yatel’s 1 – 0 win over Tupuji Imere was a huge disappointment for the Blue and Gold boys. A week ago it was Tupuji who beats Yatel 2-1 during the last game of the Challengers Battle.
With fair share of 50-50 ball procession throughout the game, both teams have a number of goal scoring chances but fail to score. The only goal of the match was through a penalty awarded to Yatel FC after one of its strikers was brought down inside the box.
Ruben took advantage of the award for Yatel sending the Tupuji keeper the wrong way recording the Blue and White’s first goal and win in Port Vila Premier League 2013.
In the other Pool B match saw Tafea beat Erakor Golden Star 2-1. Two great goals from Ingnas Iamak and John Laan is enough to give the new Vanuatu club champion three points on the ladder. Erakor only goal came from substituted Eli Thomas in 87 mins.
Amicale FC beat Ifira Black Bird 3-0 in Pool A last Saturday at 1pm after Fenedy Masauvakalo, Nelson Sale and Derek Malas found the back of Ifira’s net.
Latest Standings:
Pool A
1. Shepherds United FC 3
2. Amicale FC 3
3. Spirit 08 FC 0
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 0
Pool B
1. Yatel FC 3
2. Tafea FC 3
3. Erakor FC 0
4. Tupuji Imere FC 0

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