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Nelson Sale named Amicale captain today

The Amicale management confirmed that Solomon International defender Nelson Sale will become skipper with Fenedy Masauvakalo stepping up to vice-captain because the striker wants to concentrate up front today to score for the Reds again if possible.
The defender Sale met the players this morning at Pacific Casino and encourage them to play as a team because it will no be an easy game against the Solomon Islands club Champion.
However, President Jean Yves Chapod insisted today that Sale is a great player since he arrived in Vanuatu and he will lead Amicale against Koloale this afternon.
“Like other players, Nelson Sale is one of the most important player in this team and we need strength, experience and quality against Koloale,” said the Amicale President this morning.
“Sale is in the right frame of mind and is focusing on his job. He’s doing very well every day with the team.”
“He’s the captain of this team today so, with his behaviour, he’s doing his best for this team.
“He played very well in all the games so far. He’s in fantastic condition at the moment.” concluded Jean Yves Chapod.
This match will be live on Radio Vanuatu and FM 107. If you are in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands or anywhere in the world you can follow this match live on with the voice of Moses Stevens and Harry Atisson.

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