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Amicale beat Tupuji 2-0

There were over 3000 fans came out to watch the game and see if the young Imere boys can do something after being together for a week at Mele Village.
Two goals in each half from Stanley Waita and Fenedy Masauvakalo handed Amicale a 2-0 win over Tupuji Imere at Port Vila Stadium.
Solomon International Stanley Waita gave the champions the lead after 43 minutes and Fenedy scored the late goal in 75 minutes to give the Red Roster the lead.
Amicale’s victory means they finish at the top of TVL Premier League with 25 points, ahead of Tafea and Spirit 08.
President of Tupuji Philip Malas said, ” I think we have given Amicale a good run today.”
“My young team have proven that they can still play quality football against the best in Port Vila.”
Tupuji Rodney Serveux miss a clear chance to score for the yellows in the second half after Amicale keeper Ernest Bong was already out from the empty goal mouth but blast the ball over the bar.
Ifira Black Bird vs Yatel
Early in the day, Ifira Black Bird record their first win in the TVL Premier League after beating Yatel 1-0. The only goal came from Waute Chichirua from the penalty spot.
Ifira and Yatel are still at the bottom of the table and need to win few games to be in top five.
Spirit 08 vs Shepherds United
Spirit still level with Tafea FC after their win over a strong United side today 3-2. Star of the match was Edu David after scoring his hat trick today to give his side third in the TVL Premier League table.
Spirit have “the perfect player” Edu David. “He’s small, he’s fast, he’s skilful and he can run through the legs of opposition players.” said one Spirit supporter.
Player of the day goes to Edu David of Spirit 08.
Latest TVL Premier League standing
Amicale 25
Tafea 19
Spirit 08 19
Academy 13
Shepherds United 12
Tupuji Imere 12
Yatel FC 4
Ifira Black Bird 3

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