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There is room for improvement for coaches; Didier

In the presence of Vanuatu Football President, Lambert Maltock, FIFA Coaching Instructor Didier Chambaron told the participants that there are a lot of young football players in member associations but there is not enough qualify coaches to help them understand football and how to start to play basic football.
“This is very important course this week and I want you coaches to learn more from us and please ask questions to help you achieve success in you coaching career.” Said Didier Chambaron.
“Sometimes we lost a match and complain to the match officials, complain to the organisers and VFF but the problem starts with us coaches.”
“We are not qualified to do the job and its about time we think seriously about coaching football.”
“We need to start coaching the players the right way from Monday to Friday and when all is done properly; you can have a good game on Saturday.” added Mr. Chambaron.
“I want all of you to work hard this week and there is always room for improvement and I am sure you can help your clubs and Vanuatu football to another level.”
“You nearly qualify for a FIFA World Cup when Amicale and Vanuatu U-19 missed their golden opportunity this year and I am sure we can put hands together to achieve success in the years to come.” Said Didier Chambaron.
President of VFF, Lambert Maltock officially opened the course this morning at Teouma Football Academy.

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