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Vila success in Development Centres Competition

Development Centres department organised a football competition for the centres for the last four weeks and last Friday, they found our the four best teams to continue their run into the semi final of the competition.
“The games, which are attended by over 300 children from eight different centres around Port Vila and nearby villages was a huge success.” Said Philemon John, Development Centres football competition organiser.
“Good to see all the eight Centres come together to play football.”
“It was all about playing football and having fun. The players performed exceptionally well for the last four weeks and it was wonderful to see them participate.”
“I want to thank all the Development Centres who took part and best of luck to the four schools and Centres who advance to the Semi Final of the competition this week.”
“Your kids are great and thank you teachers and coaches for teaching them the basic skills of football.”
“To watch them develop and enjoy football life to the full is great.” Concluded the long time staff of Vanuatu Football and Development Centres Football organiser, Philemon John.
Final Standing after Day four
Pool A
1. Erakor Development Centre
2. Amicale Development Centre
3. Freshwota Development Centre
4. Siaraga Development Centre
Pool B
1. Central School Development Centre
2. Black Sand Development Centre
3.Tupuji Development Centre
4. North Efate Development Centre
Date: 25 October 2013
Venue: Amicale Football Field
Erakor Development Centre vs Central School Development Centre
Amicale vs Black Sand Development Centre.