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Financial bonus in store for associations

For the six confederations, this bonus will amount to USD 2.5 million each.
This decision by the FIFA Executive Committee has been made possible thanks to the outstanding success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, which led to a very good financial result for FIFA for the entire 2007-2010 period.
The funds are to be invested first and foremost in the development of football and to enable FIFA member associations to take part in FIFA competitions. Member associations can also use this bonus as additional funding for existing or future Goal projects.
Last year, as announced at the FIFA Congress, each member association also received a one-off FAP bonus payment of USD 250,000 while each confederation received USD 2.5 million thanks to the financial success of the year 2010.
The FAP is designed to motivate and empower the associations and confederations to organise development programmes that meet their needs and strengthen football and its administration in the long term.
It has served member associations in a variety of ways according to their needs, including help with infrastructure, grassroots football, organisation of youth tournaments, development of women’s football and technical development since 1998. FAP funds, including bonus payments, are audited annually.
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* the FA of Brunei Darussalam is currently suspended

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