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Five teams confirm participation in 2011 NSL

Amicale FC. Tafea FC, Tupuji Imere FC, Spirit 08 and Shepherds United secure their places in the top five this afternoon after succesfully complete their TVL Premier League at Port Vila Stadium.
Amicale is the only team with a game to play yet against Yatel but they are already in top five and now equal with Tafea on points. If they want to crown TVL Premier League champion for the second year they must beat Yatel in their last match.
Academy, Yatel and Ifira Black Bird have to face three top teams in the first division too next month in the Challenger Battle tournament to see if they can secure their places in the TVL Premier League next season.
VFF competition department will announce soon the format of the competition and the dates or wish to maintain the current format of last year’s NSL competition for the 2011.
Similarly to qualifying for 2011-2012 O League Competition, the 5 top TVL Premier League teams will play each other in the National Soccer League competition next month to find who will represent Vanuatu Football in the next O League competition before end of this year.
Latest TVL Premier League standing
Tafea 34
Amicale 34
Tupuji Imere 24
Spirit 08 22
Shepherds United 20
Academy 18
Yatel FC 7
Ifira B B 4