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Dephanny is new Luganville JP Development Officer

Over 6000 fans witnessed the amazing work and story of Just Play Program when the former Just Play Manager George Regenvanu invited the disability children to took part in the festival.
One of the outstanding volunteers during the program is Miss Dephanny Naliupis living with a disability and she is originated from Port Orly Village on the island of Santo.

Dephanny has started involving with Just Play programme in 2013 as a Volunteer, she was the spokesperson of people living with a disability in OFC JP promotional video during the U17 OFC_WCQ in 2013 on Santo and many Ni-Vanuatu and football fans in Oceania have watched the footage.

“OFC Just Play manager Franck Castillo and Melissa Palombi (from Unicef) conducted a Just Play Community Course in May 2014, in which Dephanny Naiulpis was a participant.” Said Rorona Kalsakau, Just Play Acting Manager.
“She is now a Just Play Development Officer in Luganville Santo but her dream is still there to become a Just Play instructor in the future and we are so proud of her and we know she will help a lot of kids with disability in Luganville and all around Vanuatu.”
“She has captured our attention with her presentation, therefore Franck and Melissa wanted to know more about Dephanny.”
“By talking with Dephanny’s mum (Dorianne Naliupis), we have learned that her dream is to one day become an Instructor.”

“Just Play Programme believe and would like to give this opportunity to Dephanny to realise her dream by employing her as a JP Development Officer starting last month, September 2014 so that she could educate kids and people about social development through sports.” Concluded Rorona Kalsakau.
Just Play Program would like to thank her for time and pray that God will use her successfully to help other kids in need to use football as a tool to educate them.

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