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PVFA needs more referees

Last weekend referees worked extra hard to officiated four important matches at PV Stadium with very close score.
Erakor beat Narak 2-1, Spirit down Shepherds United 1-0, Ifira beat Amicale 1-0 and Tafea and Tupuji Imere draw 1-1.
This is a sign that all the eight clubs in the Premier League are ready for the battle.
“The number of match officials always drop every year and it is important for the clubs to help provide referees next season.” Said Christian Kaltabang, Port Vila Football President.
“We need more referees to officiate matches at Korman Stadium and Kawenu field.”
“Now that we are going to have U-20 championship next month, where do we get the referees from?
“It is very important to play but it is also very important to have more and good referees to help us carry out our program.”
“People say PVFA have 26 clubs affiliate this season.” No, PVFA have 27 clubs and the 27 club is the Referee Association, so please let us support them by providing more young referees to their association.” Said Mr, Kaltabang.
A Fijian Referee Deepak Rudresh Mudliar who is the manager of APCO Coating will help the local referee association in Port Vila to officiate matches at PV Stadium for the next three years.
Last week he was the man in the middle with the whistle when Ifira Black Bird beat Amicale 1-0.

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