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Soromon double as Tupuji beat Spirit

Imere who lost to Tafea last Saturday 1-2 came back strongly today and made mistakes and make sure they have three points on the Premier Championship ladder.
Raoul Coulon and Don Mansale who transferred back to his village team after one season with Tafea helps Imere 2-0 in the first half.
After the break, Imere continue to displayed quality football and saw Rodney Serveux volleyed a superb free kick from 35 meters as the ball hits the back of Spirit’s net to make it 3-0.
Imere coach David Chilia brought in 18 years Kenneth Soromon and he hits two more Imere’s goal in style 10 minutes before the end of the match to help Tupuji beat Spirit 5-0.
“I am very happy today because the team has played well and we won and have three points.” Said Tupuji Imere President, Mr. Philip Malas.
“I am very happy too because Kenneth Soromon who is only 18 years and he already shown to football fans in our village and around Port Vila that he will be a dangerous striker in the future if they (VFF) gave him a chance to play for national team one day.”
“But at the end of the day, I am proud of my players.” Said Philip Malas.
In other results in Day Two of the Premier Championship, Erakor Golden Star beat Siaraga 3-0 and top Day Two ladder with six points.
Goals of Erakor came from Kersom Kalsong, Tony Kaltack and Jack Niko.
Ifira Black Bird worked hard on Saturday to beat Shepherds United 1-0, thanks to the only goal from Alickson Napakaurana, Tafea FC fought hard to beat Mauriki FC 1-0, only goal from Alista Kalip.
Latest Premier Championship ( Day Two)
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 6
2. Tafea FC 6
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 6
4. Amicale FC 3
5. Tupuji Imere FC 3
6. Siaraga FC 0
7. Shepherds United FC 0
8. Spirit 08 FC 0
9. Mauriki FC 0

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