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Academy U-17 win their first match

Academy striker Naien Etienne puts his team in from in 44 minutes before the break and after the break the young Teouma players hit their second in 67 minutes when Torres Jordan sent Sevener’s keeper the wrong way as the ball hit the back of the net.
Seveners United striker Clement Niptick found the back of Academy’s net in 76 minutes but Academy hold on to their 2-1 lead until referee Alick Lukai blows the final whistle.
“To play against Under 20 boys is not easy but am happy after the game for the victory; it will spur them to more victories.”
“And also I am happy for them, because they will be encouraged to do more.”
“First match gives one confidence and I can assure you the team will continue to improve as the competition progresses.” Said Etienne Mermer, Academy U-17 head coach.