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“I want to see futsal grow;” De sonnville

Mr De Sonnville who was elected last week as vice president for Port Vila Futsal League has a big dream for Port Vila futsal league and would like to develop futsal with the help of Vanuatu Football Federation.
“As vice president, I want to develop futsal in all areas in Vila. I want to see all schools, communities and villages close by to have a small futsal teams. Futsal is a discipline that helps a lot to develop skills of a player who wants to play football”.
1. “To develop futsal, I must work hard with my President Marco Heromainly, executive members and VFF.”
2. Futsal needs a full time development officer in VFF which his or her job is to develop futsal in Port Vila and Vanuatu.
3. Develop and introduce the game of futsal in the schools, communities and nearby villages.
4. Work closely with the media to promote the game of futsal
5. Introduction of a new kid’s futsal competition in the schools with the help of VFF.
6. Prepare a five year working plan for futsal in Vila.
7. Select top futsal players who will play for Vanuatu in OFC competition
8. Introduce a more competitive futsal competition with good price money
9. Find good futsal sponsors and partners
10. Find funds to upgrade all the futsal facilities in Vila like the playing courts, goal nets and upgrade the standard of refereeing.
“Lastly I want to thank the Vanuatu Government and VASANOC for the use of EX F.O.L and for putting the lights so the teams can play at night.” Concluded the new vice president Glen De Sonnville.

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