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PV Shield quarterfinals set

Coaches of the teams that will vie in the quarterfinals have said they were satisfied with the organization and competition of the first ever Port Vila Shield competition, proudly sponsor by Port Vila Municipality.
Former coach of Ifira Black Bird, Paul Bakokoto, praised Port Vila Football Association for organising the first ever competition to involve lower teams together with the top teams in the Premier League.
“Everything necessary has been done for the teams, and we have no problem and we really enjoy the competition. Coaches do their best and all each teams have to do is play well and win,” Bakokoto said.
I’m very satisfied with all I see here. It is the best championship from the viewpoint of organization. It’s is more pleasant to see the attendance and cordial mood of the fans.”
The quarterfinals will be held next week on Saturday. Amciale vs Spirit 08, Erakor Golden Star vs Tupuji Imere, Tafea vs Shepherds United or Spirit and Ifira Black Bird vs Seveners United or Shepherds United.
On Tuesday, Shepherds United will face Seveners United to find who will top Pool B.
PVFA will meet next Tuesday to confirm the times of the quarter final matches at PV Stadium.

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