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Spirit 08 maintain three-points lead

Spirit scored twice in the match as they came from behind to beat Shepherds United 2-1.
Ken Kalo strikes United’s only goal in five minutes as United lead the score board but Spirit 08 striker Owen Sehi level just after four minutes.
After the break Spirit were also forced to work hard before young Edwin Ben hits Spirit second and winning goal in 79 minutes to give the Grey 2-1 victory over Shepherds United.
The win means Spirit 08 Football Club remain the leader of TVL Premier League with nine points.
Latest TVL Premier League 2012 table
1. Spirit 08 FC 9
2. Amicale FC 6
3. Erakor Golden Star FC 4
4. Seveners United FC 4
5. Shepherds United FC 3
6. Tupuji Imere FC 3
7. Tafea FC 1
8. Ifira Black Bird FC 1

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