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Amicale 1-0 Auckland City

Amicale FC host Auckland City at 3pm today at Port Vila Stadium.
Starting Line-up
Amicale FC: 1 Ernest Bong GK, 3 Paul Young, 4 Selwyn Sese Ala, 5 Richard Anisua, 9 Derek Malas, 13 Gibson Daudau, 14 Moffet Deremoa, 15 Alphonse Bongnaim, 17 Jean Nako Naprapol, 29 Roddy Lenga, Samuela Kautoga
Coach: Philemon John
Auckland City FC: 1 GK Jacob Spoonley, 3 Ian Hogg, 6 Chad Coombes, 7 James Pritchett, 8 David Mulligan, 9 Manuel Exposito, 10 Luis Corrales, 11 Daniel Koprivic, 17 Adam Mcgeorge, 22 Andrew Miline, 23 Simon Arms
Coach: Ramon Tribulietx
Referee: George Bruce ( Vanuatu)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Joseph (Vanuatu)
Assistant Referee 2: Alick Lukai (Vanuatu)
Fourth Official: Robinson Banga (Vanuatu)
1′ kick off
2′ Daudau Gidson takes the first shot in the game but save from Spoonley
3′ Very Hot at Port Vila Stadium and Amicale is putting pressure on Auckland City defense
5′ Draw in to City and now City are in front against Amicale but Reds defnders clear the ball to safety
6′ Free kick to Amicale in City’s half
9′ Crowds about 4000 at Port Vila stadium now, fans still comng
10′ City dangerous man Luis Corrales nearly puts City ahead and now a corner kick for City but went over the goal line and goal kick to Amicale
11′ Moffet Deremo run fast with ball , break City defense but shot just over the bar
13′ Amicale strikers look dangerous against City defense now
16′ Richard Anisua takes a shot but over the bar and goal kick to Auckland City
18′ Free kick to City after Alphonse foul on Corrales but clear by Amicale defnders
19′ Amicale’s Roddy Lenga foul James Prichett and referee Bruce has given Lenga a warning and James still on the ground.
20′ Free kick to City now clear by Amicale Samuela of Amicale
23′ Amicale Lenga make break through and he is offside and indirect free kick to Auckland City
26′ Derek Malas takes a great shot just 10 meters away from City keeper but sail away over the bar
28′ Fre kick to City after anisua foul on Daniel Koprivcic
30′ Its hot in Vila and both team looks tired after 30 minutes
32′ Drwa in for City but Amicale defenders clear it away
33′ Selwyn Sese find Daudau Gibson in City goal mouth but good save from Spooley
34′ Corner to Auckland city now but good save from Ernest Bongnaim
36′ Free kick to Auckland city after Paul Young foul Manuel but all clear by Amicale defnders.
38′ City Corrales makes a dangerous run into Amicale goal mouth but save from Ernest Bong
40′ Dadau Gidson just miss a goal fro mthe Reds after a good pass from Roddy Lenga but good save from Spoonley
41′ Amicale striker Jean Nako again break through City defenders but another good save from the blues keeper Jacob Spoonley
43′ Good opportunity for City’s striker Manuel but over the bar
45′ Draw in for City against Amicale in the red’s half
45′ Two minutes added time
46′ Moffet finds Lenga in front but offside and indirect free kick to Auckland City
47′ End of first half
Second half kicks off
46′ Daudau Gibson makes the first shot in the second half just 8 meters away from City’s keeper but great save from Jacob Spoonley
48′ City’s Daniel tries his best run but good clear ball from Samuela
49′ Daudau makes another shot and went over the bar and Crowds now 0ver 5000
50′ Moffet of Amicale takes another shot but very good save from Spoonley
51′ Fre kick to Auckland , 20 metters away from Amicale keeper but ball went of the bar and goal kick to Amicale
52′ Very good run from City’s Corrales but good save from Ernest Bong
55′ Substitution for Amicale; 21 Kensi Tangis in and 17 Jean nako out
56′ First pass from kensi Tangis to find Lenga makes a shot but good save from Spoonley
57′ Substitution for Amicale ; 7 Robert Yelou in and 9 Derek Malas out
58′ Corner kick for Amicale and Kensi Tangis miss a golden opportunity for Amicale and ball ove the bar
59′ Subsitution for Auckland City; 16 Albert Reira in and 6 Chad Coombes in
60′ Goal!!!!!! Amicale 1-0 Auckland City; great goal from Kensi Tangis after takes a great shot just 10 meters away from Sponnley and the ball hit the bar and went into City’s net.
61′ CAUTION to Amicale’s 14 Moffet Deremoa after foul on James Pritchett
62′ Free kick to Auckland City after anisua foul on Luis Corrales but all clear away by Samuela Kautonga
65′ Another free kick to Auckland City after Daudau Gibson foul on Corrales again and ball flys away for a goal kick
66′ Kensi Tangis takes another shot but easy clear away by Spoonley
67′ Great pass from Moffet to Roddy Lenga and Lemga hits the ball for Amicale and save by Spoonley
71′ Auckland City still trying to play to find a way out in this game
73′ Dangerous move from Daudau and Moffet in front but very good save from Spoonley
74′ Amicale strikers looks dangerous now in front and draw for Daudau Gibson but ball went out, goal kick to Auckland
77′ Daudau Gibson again shot on goal but over the bar
78′ City Adams nearly score for the blues but good save from Ernest Bong and now corner kick to City and clear out and goal kick for Amicale.
80′ Amicale player Anisua is down and Medics run into field of play and now he is bakc to action
81′ CAUTION to Paul Young of Amicale
83′ Kensi Tangis again shot on goal, pass Spoonley and midfielder Anisua just miss to score another goal for Amicale
84′ Substitution for Amicale 2 Rexly Tari in and 3 Paul Young out
86′ Free Kick to Amicale after Adam foul on Amicale defender Samuela
87′ Amicale players just play the ball around
88′ Free kick to Auckland City in Amicale’s half and all clear by reds players
90′ Three minutes added time
91′ The two U 23 players Kensi Tangis and Roddy Lenga play the ball upfront but clear by Auckland City defenders
93′ Final whistle Amicale beat Auckland 1-0 and give over 5000 + crowds a good evening of football at Port Vila stadium

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