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Tafea and Amicale draw gives Erakor hope

The match between Amicale and Tafea was tough one as both sides looking for a win in day two.
Tafea’s midfielder Moses Kalotang has the only golden chance for his team in the match in 35 minutes in front of Amicale’s keeper Chikau Mansale as he shot just went past the goal post.
Just after 5 minutes Amicale deadly striker Fenedy Masauvakalo missed a golden chance to score as he shot saved by young Tafea keeper Selonie Iaruel.
After the break, it was like a tug of war match between the two giants in a field full of water as referee George Bruce managed to finish of the match in good time.
The blow in the match is Tafea defender Lucien Hinge admitted in the hospital in 70 minutes after a strong clash with Joses Nawo.
The draw helps Erakor Golden Star top Southern Group after battling hard to beat a strong Malnaruru side today 3-2.
Malnaruru striker Richard Manurik found the back of Erakor’s net just 3 minutes after the kick off.
Erakor Golden Star attacking midfielder, Abtul Rogara level the score line before the break.
After the break Erakor continue to press high and saw Tony Kaltak volley a great shot after receiving a great pass from Jean Kaltak in 65 minutes.
But just after 10 minutes, Malnaruru replay back nicely to level the score as striker Harry Michael’s shot travel past keeper Ernest Bong and hit the back of the net.
Erakor continue to play hard in the last dying minutes and all their hard work paid off as their deadly striker Jean Kaltak scores the Star’s winning goal in style in 82 minutes.
The win puts Erakor top of the Southern Region Group with six points.
The first match of the day saw Nalkutan beat Hi-Lands 3-1.
In Luganville Santo, Uripiv continues their winning style as they beat Siaraga of Luganville 2-0 and top Northern Region Group.
Two great goals from Loic and Vanuatu U-17 midfielder Frank Ruben is enough to give the island team the three points.
In the other two matches, Santos FC beat Blue Rovers FC 4-0 and Western Star FC smashed Green Perrut of Torba 8-1.
Two top in each group advance to TVl National Super League 2013 semi-final.
Latest Standing after Day Two
Southern Region
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 6
2. Amicale FC 4
3. Tafea FC 4
4. Nalkutan FC 3
5. Malnaruru FC 0
6. Hi-Lands Fc 0
Northern Region
1. Uripiv FC 6
2. Western Star FC 3
3. Santos FC 3
4. Siaraga FC 1
5. Blue Rovers FC 1
6. Green Perrut FC 0
Day Three TVL National Super League 2013 matches
Monday 27 May 2013
Southern Region Group
11am- Nalkutan FC vs Erakor Golden Star
1pm- Malnaruru FC vs Amicale FC
3pm- Tafea FC vs Hi-Lands
Northern Region Group
11am – Siaraga FC vs Western Star FC
1pm- Green Perrut FC vs Blue Rovers
3pm- Santos FC vs Uripiv FC

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