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Keep working hard to achieve success; Mitch

He reminded the players who will represent Vanuatu Football that they are good players and they can achieve good results if they work hard.
“After watching the two finals last Saturday at Port Vila Stadium, I must say that Vanuatu has lots of good talented players and the only thing they need to work on more is the tactical side of the game.” Said Mitch Cooper.
“I watched some of you players last Saturday and I would like to congratulate you for making it to the squad of Vanuatu.”
“Keep working hard and believe in yourself.”
“Obey your coaches and play good football and I know you will achieve good results in Papua New Guinea.”
Vanuatu captain Fenedy Masauvakalo gave Mitch Cooper a Vanuatu team uniform and thank him or his advices to his players.
Mitch Cooper also visited the football academy at Teouma and had a meeting with the Academy coaches.
He will fly back to Australia this Friday.

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