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Spirit ends Shepherd’s winning streak

The win in essence ended Shepherds back to back wins in their second leg games that were motivated by their demolition of PVFA TVL current leaders Tafea FC last November.
Spirit 08 FC beat the Black and White stripes 3-1, the same score margin during the game between Academy last Saturday when Spirit was on the receiving side.
The Spirit 08 win has not affected Shepherd’s ranking on the TVL points ladder but has perhaps buried doubts that Spirit may not contest the National Super League competitions later during the season to determine Vanuatu’s club rep at the O-League.
According to the latest PVFA TVL Premier League standings former Vanuatu champions Tafea FC lead with 27 points, followed by Amicale FC 22 points, Shepherds 19, Seveners United FC 16, Spirit 08 FC 15, Tupuji Imere FC 11, Ifira Black Bird 10 and Academy 5.
If those statistics are anything to go by then it is likely Premier Division newcomers Seveners United FC have are developing to be a forced to be reckoned with in the Premier Division as they have edged both Spirit and Tupuji for the fourth position.
But that lead could change because Tafea FC, Spirit 08, Shepherds United and Tupuji each have three games at hand whereas Seveners has only one game. Ifira Black Bird has four remaining games before the end of the 2011/2012 season, reigning champions Amicale has five and Academy still has to play two last games.
Three Premier clubs will watch the NSL tournament as spectators later this season. And the premier league results after day 11 of competition spells trouble for Tupuji Imere FC, Ifira Black Bird FC and Academy.
But Tupuji which has never been relegated to first division knows the stakes are high and will throw everything into their next three remaining games to secure a berth in the prestigious NSL tourney. That could say for Ifira Black Bird FC as well as Academy.
Story by R. Binihi

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