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Growing women’s football is part of PVFA program

Josina Malep’s comments come after she was elected new President of PVWFL last week warned her league that they had to be committed to the women’s game to find success in future competition of OFC.
“I thank Port Vila Football for their great contribution to Woman’s Football development in Port Vila.” Said Josina Malep.
“I’ve asked the PVFA to make sure the women aren’t considered as an afterthought.”
“If I get a sense that the women are being left behind when I was a player but today the sports is developing fast in Vila.”
“Women’s League needs to be promoted more in my opinion and PVFA should be promoting them with the same equality as their senior men’s team.”
“I believe the senior man’s team will have their own woman’s club in the future.”
“We are embracing women’s football in Vila and have produced and published a two-year plan for the game taking us up to 2016,” said Josina Malep..
“It is an exciting, comprehensive and ambitious plan to drive girls’ and women’s football to a new level.”
“We were delighted that the Port Vila Football supported that plan and the League is now intent on moving women’s football forward in the capital.”
“My executive will work hard for the next two years to increase the numbers of woman’s football club in Port Vila with the help of Port Vila Football Association.”
“I also would like to take this golden opportunity to thank Vanuatu Football and Oceania Football for their continous support towards woman’s football development in Port Vila.”
“I also thank the outgoing PVWFL executive led by Martha Taiwia Poida.” They have working really hard for the last two years and now its our turn.” Concluded Josina Malep, PVWFL President.
Josina Malep has played for Vanuatu National Woman’s team and works for National Bank Of Vanuatu.

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