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Nothing comes easy in life ;Poida

Most of the players in the Tafea team were the first VFF intake four years ago and for two years in arrow they have done it again, beat Amicale in the grand final.
Last year they down Amicale 1-0 and last Saturday the Dark Blues won 3-1 with goals from Ignas Iamak, Joses Nawo and Alista Kalip.
After the match Tafea proud coach Moise Poida told vanuafoot media that the results comes out because of the player’s hard work in training.
“Nothing comes easy in life.” Said Moise Poida.
“My boys have been working really head for the last few months to play in the competition.”
” Amicale, Erakor and Spirit 08 are strong clubs in town and if we want to beat them we have to work extra hard and today the players have shown me that they can do it.”
“Two wins in two finals of National Super League against Amicale is a good story for the club.”
“I congratulate my boys for a good win against a very good team.” I also saluted my assistan coach Graham Demas, sponsors, executive members and fans for their continous support until today.”
I also congratulate Amicale for making it to the OFC Champions League we have to prepare like them for next year’s competition in Fiji.” Concluded Moise Poida, Tafea FC head coach.