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TVL Premier League Preview

12:00pm Shepherds United vs Yatel, 1:45pm Academy vs Amical and at 3:30pm Tafea vs Spirit 08.
Last week saw Tafea scored 6-2 against Tupuji with goals from Sakama, Nako and their new striker Anatol who score his first goal for the Reds this season. The other two matches saw Academy beat Yatel 1-0 and Shepherds United beat Ifira Black Bird 3-0.
Tafea is now making a come back after their lost to Amicale last month , scoring 16 goals in three matches. Former Reds Captain Moise Poida said, ” we are preparing well and playing well so far.”
“Our players really performed well in our last two matches and they scored many goals which is good for us and we are taking every single match very seriously.”
Tafea now have 12 points on the table equal with Amicale but Vanuatu Champion still have one game in hand.
The match Amicale vs Academy will be live on FM 107 this Saturday 20 November 2010 at 1:45pm.

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