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Simo scores as Shepherds defeat Erakor

United should have scored more goals but their strikers, Erick Ismael, Danny Michel and Takaro missed their chances to put ball into Erakor’s net beginning of the second half.
Erakor looks very dangerous in counter attack but the Whites defenders continue to work extra hard and give no chance for Jean Kaltack, Jack Niko, Tony Kaltack and Kersom Kalsong to strike.
The afternoon story changed when Simo Namatak controls the ball to the right side of Erakor’s penalty box and took a surprise shot and bang, hits the back of Erakor’s net just 8 minutes before the final whistle.
It was a great shot and goal that United have been waiting and working hard for in the afternoon.
“It was a great game and I am happy with my boys performance today.” Said Jimmy Ben, Shepherds United head coach.
The win puts Shepherds on fourth place on the TVL Premier League table.
Other match results in round two, Amicale beat Narak 1-0, Tafea 0-0 Tupuji Imere and Ifira Black Bird beat Spirit 1-0.
Latest TVL Premier League Standing after Round Two
1. Ifira Black Bird FC 6
2. Amicale FC 6
3. Erakor Golden Star FC 3
4. Shepherds United FC 3
5. Tafea FC 1
6. Tupuji Imere FC 1
7. Narak Tegapu FC 0
8. Spirit 08 FC 0

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