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Woman’s football continue to grow

“ It’s being a big achievement for us to register over 350 girls are kicking football in the Vanuatu women’s football league championship, as the development officer in charge of women’s football this shows a great improvement ” Said Joel Rarua, Vanuatu Football Woman’s Football Development Officer.
“I know that a lot of girls out there in other islands in Vanuatu have the interest begin their career in football. That this my next focus to take football to their door steps.”
In Port Vila, the launching of the league was kick off in Fresh wota field with 7 women’s football team (Academy, Westtam, Tupuji imere, Malampa Fc, Shepherds united fc, Ifira Fc, Lopatu Fc. . Malampa FC becomes the champion of Port Vila women league defeating Academy FC 2-1.
And in Luganville has launch with 6 teams in (Sarakata Fc, chapiu Fc, Torba Fc, Banban united fc, college de Luganville,Vaum Fc. Torba Fc defeat College de Luganville 3-0.
Malampa Fc Malampa Fc (port Vila) will meet Torba united fc(Luganville) in the grand Final of Vanuatu national womens open league championship in Luganville soccer city stadium on the 29th August 2015.this is the biggest women football competition for VFF.
The open league championship will expand to Malampa and Shefa province next year. We believe that this is where we can scout best players for the under 17, under 20 and senior players for the national team.
This is in line with women’s football development program of empowering women through football as theme:”ol gel VanuatuI save plei tu”. (In English- Vanuatu Girls can play too.)
Other hand, the Vanuatu under 20 women’s national team is also planning to travel to do preparation games in Santo on the same week, before heading to the OFC under 20 world cup qualifier competition in New Zealand on the month of October.
VFF is implementing a lot of program for girl’s football. Such as girls grassroots football festival, Girls football development centres and centres of excellence and Open league competition.
Vanuatu women football department emphasise on Female youth to participate more football programs as it’s a tool to help prevent teenage pregnancy,NCD’s and promote women’s to become role models in their communities.
Vanuatu Women football department in VFF would want acknowledge FIFA, OFC and VFF for their grave contribution in materials and financially support to develop women’s football in Vanuatu.

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