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Don Mansale helps Tupuji beat Shepherds

United strikers Erick Ismael and Danny Michel were very dangerous today but Imere twin defenders, Raul and Michel Coulon were so good at the back, clear all the balls to safety.
Don Mansale finally ended the afternoon, help Tupuji with three points for the first time this season after United defender brought down a Tupuji midfielder in the penalty box in 75 minutes as Don step up, shot, sent United goalkeeper the wrong way.
The win put Tupuji Imere FC fifth on the ladder with 4 points, 4 behind leader Ifira Black Bird FC in round four.
Other Results on Saturday, Ifira draw 1-1 with Narak FC, Tafea smashed Erakor Golden Star Fc 5-2 and Tupuji beat Shepherds 1-0.
Latest TVL Premier League Standing (Round 4)
1. Ifira Black Bird FC 8
2. Tafea FC 7
3. Amicale FC 7
4. Erakor Golden Star FC 6
5. Tupuji Imere FC 4
6. Shepherds United FC 3
7. Narak Tegapu FC 1
8. Spirit 08 FC 0

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