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Spirit recorded first win of the season

Bernard Daniel open the scoring for Spirit 08 in 15 minutes and before the end of the first half, Shepherds United striker Richard Ben leveled the scoreboard in 40 minutes.
After the break, Spirit 08 FC new coach Etienne Mermer made few changes to his team and saw Taryli Wakeret and Alex Saniel scores two fast goal as Spirit beat Shepherds United 3-1 in the TVL Premier League Competition.
The win puts Spirit 08 FC still last on the ladder but now with four points.
Club rank eight on the final competition ladder will automatically relocate to the first division in 2016.
Other results last weekend, Erakor Golden Star 0-0 Ifira Black Bird, Tupuji Imere 5-0 Narak.
Latest TVL Premier League ladder
1. Amicale FC 20
2. Erakor Golden Star FC 19
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 17
4. Tupuji Imere FC 16
5. Tafea FC 15
6. Narak FC 7
7. Shepherds United FC 6
8. Spirit 08 FC 4

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