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Vila women’s U-17 Independence Cup kicks off

Port Vila and Malampa are the only two member associations in Vanuatu to organise the U-17 competition.
The competition follows with two groups producing two semi-finalists each. The winner of the competition will earn a berth to the 2013 VFF first ever Girls U-17 competition to held in Port Vila in October.
“I am very excited because this is the new competition for young girls in Vanuatu,” VFF Women’s Football Development Officer Rorona Kalsakau said.
“Women’s football development is our priority. The time had come to focus on the foundations of women’s football and encourage its growth and development at grassroots level.
“VFF believes that the future of women’s football starts with grassroots and youth football.
“We have made remarkable progress in women’s football over the last five years. Last year, we began a grassroots campaign. We organised the first U-17 competition and many girls who never played football before turns up playing at Amicale field.
“Girls’ teams have since been established in Port Vila and they train regularly. VFF Women’s Department is also working closely with other member associations, conducting courses for coaches, ensuring they understand the strategy and importance behind the development of women’s football in Vanuatu.
“To be honest, women’s football is being taken seriously now and I thank VFF, OFC and mostly FIFA for giving Vanuatu women’s football the financial support and I am sure that if we continue like this, girls or women’s football in the country will grow stronger in the future,” Kalsakau concluded.
Independence Cup Day Two results:
Pool A
Amicale 7-0 Santos
Academy Girls 8-0 AS Ambassador
Pool B
Terao 4-0 Lycce LAB
Ecole Centre-Ville 3-1 Lopatu
Latest Standings after Day Two:
Pool A
1. Amicale 6
2. Academy 3
3. Malapoa FC 3
4. Santos 0
5. AS Ambassador 0
Pool B
1. Terao FC 6
2. Centre Ville 6
3. Lopatu 0
4. Ifira BB 0
5. Lycee Lap 0