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Vava hits as Ifira beat Shepherds

Shepherds United led the match when striker Ken Kalo finished off in style a great pass from Yvon August.
The story of the afternoon changed in the second half when substitute Nikki Nilua leveled the scoreboard 1-1 and just before the end of the match, former Serveners United FC defender, Junior Vava netted in the winning goal as Ifira beat Shepherds 2-1 on Friday.
The win puts Ifira Black Bird now level with Tafea and Erakor Golden Star with 15 points each but moved to third place on the TVL Premier League table on goal difference.
Latest information, Port Vila Football Association has reschedules other round 8 matches due to bad weather in Port Vila on Saturday.
Monday 2 March 2015-
3pm- Amicale vs Tupuji Imere
Tuesday 3 March 2015
3pm- Erakor Golden Star vs Spirit 08 FC
Wednesday 4 March 2015
3pm- Tafea vs Narak
Latest TVL Premier League Table
1. Tafea FC 15
2. Erakor Golden Star FC 15
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 15
4. Amicale FC 14
5. Tupuji Imere FC 10
6. Narak FC 7
7. Shepherds United FC 6
8. Spirit 08 FC 0