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Giovani: Parents must support their kids

The Brazilian who is now head coach of APFA in Christchurch New Zealand visited Vanuatu National Football Academy at Teouma last week.
He told vanuafoot media the importance of parents supporting their kid’s dream in a interview last Friday.
“We all know how much learning and enjoyment our children can get from football and as parents, we want to be as supportive as we can to them.”
“While the coach of a team is in charge of practices and games, it is the parents who fill in the blanks for their young players.”
“It is the duty of every parent to support their children to achieve success in football.”
“My parents supported me during my football career and I will never forget what they have done for me in the past.”
“Without their support I will not be here today.”
“The same message goes to all parents in Vanuatu.” If you want to see your child playing quality football in the future, please do support them.” Said Giovani Fernandes, APFA Head Coach.
How to support your child in football
Our children are strongly influenced by our own attitudes and behaviour
. Children’s football is a time for them to develop their technical physical tactical and social skills. Focus on this, rather than exclusively on winning matches.
. Don’t take it too seriously. Even if your child is talented at this stage their enjoyment is still the main goal.
. Children need positive feedback to feel that they can improve their game. It doesn’t help to tell them what they are doing wrong.
. Help them analyse their own game after the match is over. Ask them how they felt about it, about other players, and ask them wha went well to reinforce their strengths.
. Help children to feel confident, enjoy themselves and feel like they belong by supporting a positive atmosphere at a game.
.Football is a passionate game but don’t let disappointment at a misplaced pass or a poor touch get in the way. Encourage players to move on.
. Respect the officials- children should copy their parents and other adults’ behaviour.

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