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Spirit defeat Tupuji for 3rd position

The first goal came within 18 minutes of the first half following an impressive shoot from Leo Moli. This winning point pushed Spirit further up to the 3rd position on the overall classment,while Tupuji sits 11 on the classment.
Spirit has been down with many chances and it would have create a difference with the official ranking if they had been pushing hard for more goals.
As for Tupuji,were hoping they could have won the match to up for the 3rd ranking but it’s impossible in the first half of the game. As seen more effort in the second half but couldn’t get through the defensive Spirit.
Latest TVl Premier League table
1. Amicale FC 24
2. Erakor Golden STar FC 20
3. Spirit 08 FC 16
4. Tafea FC 13
5. Tupuji Imere FC 11
6. Ifira Black Bird FC 11
7. Yatel FC 7
8. Shepherds United FC 5

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