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Who will be 2014 Champion?

Port Vila Futsal league President, Tom Philip said the competition will be tough.
Namba 3 Aveck FC and Northern Star FC are top of the ladder, Tupuji Majik now third and Aims fourth after day two.
The final day of the competition this Saturday will be tough when Aveck play Northern Star at 2pm.” Said PVFL President Tom Philip.
“Both teams are now with 6 points and the winner this Saturday will crown the PVFL 2014 Champion.”
“On behalf of the PVFL executive, I encourage the futsal fans to come and support their teams at EX F.O.L.” said Tom Philip.
Past Results
Day One- 6 September 2014
Namba 3 Aveck FC 4-3 Tupuji Majik
Northern Star 5-3 Aims
Day Two – 13 September 2014
Northern Star FC 2-1 Tupuji Majik
Namba 3 Aveck FC 3-1 Aims
Day Three- 20 September 2014
Venue: EX F.O.L
1pm- Tupuji Majik vsAim
2pm- Namba 3 Aveck vs Northern Star
Latest Standing
1. Namba 3 Aveck Fc 6
2. Northern Star FC 6
3. Tupuji Majik 0
4. Aims 0