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Government receives money from PVFA

Port Vila Football Association is the biggest association in the country. Last week this biggest association had shown a very good example by it’s honesty and accountability towards the nation’s government. The treasurer of the league Mr Robert Calvo presented the cheque to the hands of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Honorable Mr Mokin Stevens Iatika.
“On behalf of the Port Vila Football Association and all its fans we are returning the 25% of the income made from the gate at the Port Vila Sadium back to you the government. This share is from all the income made from the period of 2010 to 2011 and we are proud that we can still keep the agreement made in the last four years between the Vanuatu Government and PVFA. I can proudly say to you now that since then Port Vila Football Association has already given to the government over five million vatu, said Robert Calvo during his presentation.
In addition to that Mr Calvo asked the Vanuatu government’s assistance to help rebuild the Port Vila Stadium so that it can host bigger games that the Oceania Football Confederation organizes.
In respond to that request Honourable Minister Stevens praised the PVFL executives for their Very good management and that such amount of money to be returned to the government is a big surprise. “I have given a lot of assistance to almost all sports disciplines in Vanuatu in terms of money but do not expect that a sports discipline such as you can return some of their income back to the government. I am very pleased with the good work you are doing and your good managment down at the Vanuatu Football League”, said the Honourable Minister.
The Minister also made a remark that in the near future there will be visit from his staff to the Port Vila Stadium to assess the building and report on what needs to be done to cater for the request made by the PVFA treasurer.
For the PVFA transparency affairs the same report was distributed to all the club presidents of the association last Friday. This same report will also be presented at the VFF congress next month to be held in Port Vila.

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