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Tafea’s preparation affected by Cyclone Pam

Tafea FC team manager, Mr. Stephen Felix has made it clear that even though the club is facing a lot of challenging, they still have one objective to play well and try to qualify for the second round.
“On behalf of Tafea FC, our preparation for the upcoming OFC Champions League has been very much affected by Tropical Cyclone PAM.”said Stephen Felix, Tafea FC team manager.
“Our training programs have been interrupted for 14 days…Our fund raising plans have also been affected.”
We had cancelled two of our preparation games in Port Vila and two in Noumea.” He added.
“All of our players are local players and have been psychologically affected and have lost concentration on football because their homes and gardens have been severely damaged by the Cyclone.”
“We did organize a game with the Vanuatu U23 team last Thursday but lost 3-0 and had to cancelled all the training sessions since then until yesterday to allow the players to continue organize their homes and rebuild their houses first before we can get back into serious football trainings.”
“We were supposed to call all our players to camp yesterday but had to cancelled the plan again because some players are still picking up the pieces and putting their life back together and also because it is Easter, we want our players to spend time with their families before we travel to Fiji next week.”
“We know it is going to be very challenging in these circumstances, our objective in the tournament has not changed. We would like to go as far as possible in the tournament and play for our families and for Vanuatu and bring some happiness into the lives of the fans affected by this devastating cyclone.”

“Thank you to the OFC and the regional football families for remembering us in these trying and challenging times.” He concluded.
Tafea FC will travel to Fiji next Tuesday night.
Tafea FC final list to OFC Champions League 2015
1. GK- Seloni Iaruel, 20. GK- Firiam Kaloran, 2. Joseph Namly, 3. Fredy Vava, 4. Jaycen Botleng, 5. Kevin Shem, 6. Jais Malsarangi, 7. John Laan, 8. Bong Kalo, 9. Alista Karlip, 10. Manuhi Zica, 11. Robert Tasso, 12. Eddison Stephens, 13. Gibson Daudau, 14. Jack Niko, 15. Ernie Roberts, 16. Daniel Natou, 17. Tari Nicol, 18. Ignas Iamak, 19. Kaltak Michael, 21. Don Mansale, 24. Jean Kaltak, 23. Ismael Erick.
Stephen Felix- Team Manager
Moise Poida- Head Coach
Graham Demas- Assistant Coach
Namri Alexandre- Physical Trainer
David Chilia- Goalkeeper coach
Willie Saute- Official
Iata Albert- Physio
Desouches Gege- Officials
Raymond Nasse- Media
Lolten Albano- Official

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