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Well done Amicale; Lambert and Calvo

Lambert Maltock and Robert Calvo were at the airport yesterday to welcome the boys and said Vanuatu people and Solomon Islands supporters are very proud of their performance in the O League competition.
“To be top in the group, its not an easy road and I want to extend my personal thanks to each of you players from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands for your participation in the O League competition and your great performance.”
“To you all Solomon Islands players, its not easy to leave you wifes and children back home and play for Amicale in Vanuatu.”
“Thank you for your time and I know that your time in Vanuatu is going to be a memorable one in your football career you have help bring football standards in Vanuatu to another level.”
“I want to thank Amnicale President and his excutive, coaches and most importantly, Mr Andrew Leong for all this financial support.”
“Its not really easy to put your pocket open for football in Vanuatu but I think Mr. Leong has done well and congratulation to you Mr Leong and now your boys are in the final of the O League for the first time they participate.” Well done”
“While there are a lot of failures the players have gone through but there is always room for improvement so remember keep your eyes on the target and be strong and faithfull in your training towards the two finals.”concluded Mr. Lambert Maltock.
In the same note, VFF competition manager and Tafea coach Robert Calvo congratulates Amicale boys and said, ” To play in the final of the O League is one thing and to be victorious in the final is another thing so I want to encourage you players to think seriously and train hard before your play Auckland City next weekend in Port Vila.”
Amicale will play Auckland City next Saturday in the first leg of the O League final at Port Vila Stadium and tickets will be on sale soon.

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