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Match Day 5 – Group C Preview

Team Wellington’s 2-0 victory over Hekari United saw them move to the top of the standings, with six points so far all but assuring them passage to Tuesday’s semi-finals.
For the Tafea FC and AS Tefana continuing in this competition is a near impossible task following their 1-1 draw yesterday. However national pride is absolutely on the line and both teams will still be hoping to go home with at least one victory.
Without striker Steevy Chong Hue, who will sit out tomorrow’s match on suspension, Tefana are without their finisher. However Sylvain Graglia again proved himself a speedy creator, causing trouble for Tafea from both sides of the field after coming on as a substitute. Heimano Bourebare was a workhorse through the centre, while Tauraa Marmouyet did an excellent job of containing Gibson Daudau, but they’ll need to penetrate that final defensive barrier more consistently if they really want to secure the win.
Against a hurting Hekari United it’s going to be a tough ask for the Tahitians. Having dominated possession and had more chances against Team Wellington, the side from Papua New Guinea could have expected more than a 2-0 defeat.
But blown chances and errors in areas where they will be punished, means the 2010 champions are now chasing a victory of the highest order against Tefana to be in with a slim chance of qualifying. Tommy Semmy was well subdued by Team Wellington but if he can find a way to free himself up for some of those decisive runs he could keep his side in the running.
The 7pm encounter has Tafea FC hoping to throw a spanner in the works for Team Wellington, or at least helping to boost Hekari United’s chances of progressing as the best runner-up. Only a major hiccup would prevent Team Wellington from continuing their run to the semi-finals and maximum points from the group will be a major boost for the side as they go into their next match.
Tafea haven’t made easy work of the tournament for themselves so far. They had innumerable opportunities to put the match to bed against Tefana, but their finishing left a lot to be desired, which is sure to have frustrated coach Moise Poida. Jean Kaltack scored a stunner to give his side the lead, but he’d missed an absolute sitter earlier that could have made his team comfortable.
Team Wellington got the win they desired through sheer determination and an ability to be ruthless in front of goal. Their second goal against Hekari United was their first attempt on target, which proves that point. However, with playmaker Luis Corrales injured in that match, the ability to create exciting chances will fall largely on Henry Fa’arodo. Fortunately he’ll have strong back-up from OFC Champions League veterans Jake Butler and Alex Feneridis who have been tireless in their pursuit of possession and distribution.
The final 2015 Fiji Airways Group C matches will be played at ANZ Stadium in Suva, Fiji with AS Tefana kicking things off against Hekari United at 4.30pm ahead of Tafea FC Team Wellington who will get underway at 7pm.
Extra information:
AS Tefana v Hekari United
ANZ Stadium, Suva
Friday 17 April, 2015
Kick-off: 16h30
Match Officials
Referee: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Rakesh CHANDRA (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR (FIJ)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)
AS Tefana
The players: Heimano Bourebare kept tight control of the midfield, covering a lot of ground as he pushed his opponents wide and tried to prevent as many threats on goal as possible. Sylvain Graglia and Lorenzo Tehau both injected energy and determination into the game when they entered the mix as substitutes.
The vital statistics: AS Tefana have one point in the 2015 Fiji Airways OFC Champions League after two matches. Two players, Taumihau Tiatia and Jen Claude Chang Koei Chang have a caution each while two yellow cards against Team Wellington means Steevy Chong Hue will be watching this match from the stands.
Coach quote: “This last match is important for us and we need the players to understand that to do well in this type of competition they need to lift the level of their game. We aren’t used to matches of such a high intensity and we will use this match to help us for next year, because we’ve already qualified for next season.
Squad list: 1. Stevens HIRIGA (GK), 2. Stephane FAATIARAU, 3. Taumihau TIATIA, 4. Teheivarii LUDIVION, 5. Tauatua LUCAS, 6. Tunoa TEVAEARAI, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 8. Jess HOROI, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 11. Sylvain GRAGLIA, 12. Alvin TEHAU, 13. Stanley ATANI, 14. Jonathan TEHAU, 15. Jean CHANG KOEI CHANG, 16. Manutea TAAE, 17. Lorenzo TEHAU, 18. Tauraa MARMOUYET, 19. Heimano BOUREBARE, 20. Kenny NUI, 21. Vetea TCHEN, 29. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 30. Tetahio TERIINOHOPUAITERAI
Suspended: 10. Steevy CHONG HUE
Coach: Sébastien LABAYEN (TAH)
Hekari United
The players: Dennis Ifunaoa was a great creator against Team Wellington and knows how and when to drive up the line and exploit the gaps. Beniamino Mateinaqara has had an outstanding tournament so far, and while he may have conceded a couple of goals, has patrolled well and shut things down before they could even become threats.
The vital statistics: Three players picked up cautions in their previous match; Emmanuel Poila, Alick Maemae and Pita Bolatoga.
Coach Quote: “I think for Tefana, they need to win this too and it won’t be easy for both teams. The pressure is on us to do our game plan right and hopefully deal with the pressure.”
Squad list: 1. Leslie KALAI (GK), 2. Daniel JOE, 3. Emmanuel POILA, 5. Haddis AENGARI, 6. Emmanuel AIREM, 7. Alick MAEMAE, 8. Nicholas MURI, 9. Dennis IFUNAOA, 10. Tuti Zama TANITO, 11. Joachim WAROI, 12. David MUTA, 13. Tommy SEMMY, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 16. Pita BOLATOGA, 17. Kema JACK, 19. Koriak UPAIGA, 20. Ishmael POLE (GK), 21. Barry MANSALE, 22. Beniamino MATEINAQARA (GK), 23. Jeremy YASASA, 24. Tonga ESIRA, 26. Isaac TOROT
Coach: Jerry ALLEN (SOL)
Tafea FC v Team Wellington
Friday 17 April, 2015
Kick-off: 19h00
Match Officials
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Paul AHUPU (TAH)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
The players: Jean Kaltack proved both inspiring and frustrating against Tefana. He will need to put every chance to bed if he wants to cement himself as a player to watch. Bill Nicholls was great out wide for Tafea, making overlapping runs, losing his marker and playing provider for Kaltack.
The vital statistics: Six Tafea players are going into their final match with cautions; Seloni Iaruel, Eddison Stephens, Gibson Daudau, Jean Kaltack, Michell Kaltak and Don Mansale.
Coach Quote: “We want to go out with a win. It will be better for us, our team, but also our people. We can give them joy, maybe some happiness and the strength to rebuild after the cyclone. We’re still looking for three points so we will come in hard for the last game.”
Squad list: 1. Seiloni IARUEL (GK), 3. Fredy VAVA, 4. Jaycen BOTLENG, 5. Kevin SHEM, 6. Jais MALSARANI, 7. Jonah TURU, 8. Bong KALO, 9. Alista KARLIP, 10. Zica MANUHI, 11. Robert TASSO, 12. Edisson STEPHENS, 13. Gibson DAUDAU, 15. Ernie ROBERTS, 16. Daniel NATOU, 17. Nicolson TARI, 18. Ignas IAMAK, 19. Michell KALTAK, 20. Kaloran FIRIAM (GK), 21. Don MANSALE, 22. Sergio DANIEL (GK), 23. Alick ISMAEL, 24. Jean KALTACK, 25. Bill NICHOLLS
Coach: Moise POIDA (VAN)
Team Wellington
The players: Chris Bale was the key factor in closing down a rampant Hekari United attack. His timing is impeccable as is his ability to read and anticipate the game. Jake Butler’s work rate is high and while a lot of what he does is under-the-radar, he seems to pop up all over the park.
The vital statistics: Four players currently have cautions which will be wiped ahead of the knock-out stages as long as they don’t pick up a second one in this match. Henry Fa’arodo, Luis Corrales, Ian Hogg and Alex Feneridis are sure to be on their best behaviour.
Coach Quote: “There’s a lot of tired bodies after two very tough games and it’s now a very quick turnaround for the next one. We’ll see how we’re going and what we need from the last one.”
Squad list: 1. Michael O’KEEFFE (GK), 2. Tom JACKSON, 3. Aaron SCOTT, 4. Tyler DOYLE-LISSETTE, 5. Bill ROBERTSON, 6. Sean LOVEMORE, 7. Henry FA’ARODO, 8. Cole PEVERLEY, 9. Jarrod SMITH, 10. Luis CORRALES, 11. Michael GWYTHER, 12. Ian HOGG, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 14. Cory CHETTLEBURGH, 15. Tim MYERS, 16. Justin GULLEY, 17. Jake BUTLER, 18. Mickael PARTODIKROMO, 19. Chris BALE, 20. Adam COWAN, 21. Tamupiwa DIMAIRO, 22. Dan CLARKE (GK), 23. Alex CARR (GK)
Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)
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