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Ifira stay solid to draw with Erakor

But just after one minute Erakor Golden Star back level with a superb goal from star Brian Kaltack as he slot a 35 meters free kick and the ball sailed all the way into Ifira’s net.
It was an exiting afternoon of football as the two South Efate teams battle for a win in their first Championship match.
Vanuatu Football Medical staff, George Regenvanu had a busy afternoon today in Day One of the competition.
For much of the game Erakor had looked well worth to win the match but Ifira captain Andrew Chichirua was the man behind Ifira’s back as he stop all Erakor strikers not to enter his penalty box.
“I thought that was the least we deserved. I’d have been disappointed not to have got anything, but anyone who has seen us over the last few years knows we keep going and keep going. The point was important psychologically. We know we can compete.”
“I thought we started slowly but after we scored I thought the game was ours, but you can’t relax in football, teams will always get chances.” Said Andrew Chichirua , Ifira Black Bird captain.
Latest TVL Premier League after Erakor and Ifira Black Bird’s match.
1. Spirit 08 FC 3
2. Tupuji Imere FC 3
3. Erakor Golden Star FC 1
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 1
5. Amicale FC 0
6. Shepherds United FC 0
7. Tafea FC 0
8. Seveners United FC 0