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First time, first final makes me proud; Says Leong

Mr Leong, also the vice President of Amicale said he is very pleased with the boys continous fighting spirit that could bring them to the final of the O League for the very first time.
Leong being a successful business man in Vanuatu for so many years and one of the major sponsors for football in Vanuatu has decided to invest some money into Amicale FC two years ago. Today he can see the result of his investment.
Its not always easy to pick the right players to play for a club but he has done well with the help of his adviisors. They have for sure picked the right players from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands to play for Amicale FC.
Mr Leong has helped financially in football within the country therefore the Vanuatu Football Federation would like to thank him for his generous donation towards football locally.
Through his management and insentives within his club Amical FC has brought about what the football fans and the whole nation has been dreaming to reach higher grounds.
“We are now in the final of the O League for the first time. The boys were fighting for everything and with everything they had from our first O League match until today. I can only be proud of my players.”
” Football is moving forward in Vanuatu. It’s something we have to remember and lets enjoy the final and should feel very proud of players of Amicale FC.”
” They probably don’t know how much I appreciated their hard work when they play and felt so honored to see them play so well and they have been acting like professional players and sometimes we go through rough waters but lifes goes on and thank them because they understand me and know my objectives and aims for the club.”
“I want to take this opportunity to thank my players from Solomon Islands.”
It has not been a easy six months for them in Vanuatu. Some of them left their wifes and children and play for Amicale in Vanuatu which is not very easy and thank them for their prayers, patiences and supports.”
“I also want to thank my players from Vanuatu who have play so well since we start to put together a team to play in the last two years.”
“You are all fantastic players and you must be proud of your performance and so do I.”
Faithful Football Fans
“One of my aim is to help people in grassroot areas in Vanuatu to be happy with good football results and thats why everytime I ask my boys to play good football and win so that fans in the rural areas can tell the world that football can bring joy and happiness in the family.”
” I also want to thank all football fans in Vanuatu and Solomon islands who been our great supporters from day one until today and we want to see you all again with your red shirts to support our boys this Saturday at Port Vila Stadium.”
“Without your support, we will not be in the final of the O League and I must say thank you very much for your support.”
“We will play for all island nations in the final this Saturday.” Whatever happens in the final, I will still walk with my heads up.”
Partners, Sponsors and medias
Lastly and most importantly is our sponsors , partners and medias. Thank you so much for giving your support to Amicale FC. I also extended our thank you to the goverment of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.
I also want to thank all media organisations in Vanuatu and overseas who promote the game of football especially the story of Amicale FC.
“Our aim is to promote football as the number sports in Vanuatu and the world and I am sure that the success of Amicale has help the popoularity of football to the grassroots.” he concluded.
First O League final between Amicale and Auckland City will take place this Saturday 2nd April 2011 at Port Vila Stadium, time 3pm.

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