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Football World Cup 2014 – Vanuatu Style

The fans came out holding the four countries who made it to the last four, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Holland.
Dozens came running from the market to support the march, to what I realised was a large group watching satellite coverage of the football world cup for the last few days just crazy about the beautiful game.
Others came running out excitedly pronouncing the score, and dancing exuberantly. To an visitor, you would think that Vanuatu were in the world cup and had just beaten Brazil or Germany, but no it was one of the supposed minnows getting up and winning over one of the favourites.
Vanuatu is a football loving country, who take pride in the achievements of both their local and national football teams, both of which perform way above their weight on the international scene (for a country of 250,000 people).
Almost everyone has an opinion on who will win. The above flags are typical of the sights around Port Vila at the moment and were taken on the outskirts. Almost all the vehicles have their supported country flags on them, and most buses have a large photo of ‘their’ supported Football team.
Support is pretty much across the board, but most lean towards France because of local history …. but think that Germany will win the World Cup against Argentina on Monday.
Other support Argentina because of the history of Diego Maradona.
A tourist who visited Vanuatu said , truly Vanuatu is just a crazy country of football.
(Story by Vanuatu Traveller)
Most of the football fans call vanuafoot live on FM 107 this week said this match final match between Germany and Argentina will be 50-50 match and the best team wins.