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Amicale prepares well to meet Wantoks

Amicale is now third in Group A behind Hekari and Lautoka and they need a win at home to keep their hopes alive.
Last week Amicale beat Shepherds United in the TVL Premier 3-0 to maintain their unbeaten record and this Saturday is going to be a tough match for them against their wantok from Solomon Islands.
The atmosphere at this O League has been one of festive mood and pride among the locals, with Ni-Vanuatu are all pleased to have hosted the O League again with a new club representing Vanuatu Football.
With the showdown between the two Melanesian heavyweights beckoning, Vanuafoot hit the streets of Port Vila and Vanuatu to get a feel for the atmosphere in the lead up to the up coming match and it looks like tickets will be sold out today.
Amicale needs to regroup again well if they want to beat Koloale this weekend.
One soccer fans in Vanuatu said, “Anyway, it’s hard to predict this kind of matches, they can go on any side.”
” But Amicale is definitely better team at this moment with Vanuatu and Solomon best players and if they would play like last weekend, nobody can beat them.”
Mr. Andrew Leong, the man behind Amicale success ask his two coaches to work harder on their players to achieve a good result this Saturday.
“It is better to ask key questions about your team: Did they create chances in their match against Lautoka, yes of course but they miss so many goals and in football if you miss a good chance to score goal then you will not think that you will have a second chance.”
” If our players are fit and up to speed they will be able to put even more goals against their opponent .”
“It is down to my two coaches to help my players to move on, play well and if they win it will be a good news for the club.”
“Iam confident the players can perform better in this match because we have good players from Vanuatu and Solomon and we know they will play a good football this weekend.”
“Koloale is a good team and they have some very good players and captain who is Benjamin Doriri and we respect them alot.”
“I would like to warmly welcome our wantok team Koloale FC to Vanuatu this Friday and I am sure they will enjoy the hospitality that we will give them during their stay in Vila.” he concluded.

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