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Play smart boys; Evergreen Boss

Evergreen Managing Director Philip Malas before handing 25 Evergreen t-shirts to the team coach, Richard Iwai and players, Dominique Fred and Yvong August reminded the team that they have the hopes of an entire nation on their shoulders and for that it is their duty to do their nation proud in the Olympic qualifiers in New Zealand next month.

“It is important in a game to always have the upper hand and keep it that way until the final whistle,” Malas advised the team.
“Take care in Brisbane and please play smart.” concluded Mr. Malas.

The ‘Dream Team’ as labeled by the local media has already left for Brisbane on Sunday 26th February and will be undergoing a 2 weeks preparation there before heading over to New Zealand for the qualifiers.
Evergreen Limited is the biggest Ni-Vanuatu tourism company and has sponsored Vanuatu Football teams since 2006.