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Amicale Champions Again!

The win has put them 8 points ahead of nearest contenders Tafea FC with an astounding 21 points from 7 matches at the top of the league table.
The Red Roster sensations won the league with 1 or 2 games left to be played to retain their title and also became the first team to win two league crowns.
Club President Jean Yves Chabod gave his players a pat on their backs for successfully fending off arch rivals Tafea from getting the crown.
“It has been a difficult league, just like the last one was. If we are champions it is because we deserve to be.”
Amicale will now be setting their sighs on National Super League glory as they switch their focus on the team that is currently standing between them and the cup trophy, Tafea FC.
Amicale and Tafea still have one game to play but the victory already belongs to last year’s O league runners-up after the they beat Tafea 2-1.
Fenedy Masauvakalo hits two quick goals in the second half to give his side the green light to enter the O League competition again for the second time. Tafea’s only goal came from Daniel Natou.

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