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Tafea crush Westam to win TVL Woman’s cup

Joella hits the Reds first goal in 10 minutes and It was never a contest as the young Tafea female striker Anna netted three times in 22, 57 and 70 minutes before Joella Avock final score in 86 minutes.
Westam two goals came from Junane Wabayat in 11 minutes and Leisale Solomon in 20 minutes.
“You saw a hungry team today,” Serjif Poida said. “Everyone came in charged up, we gave them no chance. We started and smashed immediately.”
“It was a night to enjoy to win today,” Poida said. “We’re very happy, we just need to keep on this way next season.”
Tafea won the TVL woman’s cup with a price money of VT 50 000, Westam received VT VT 30 000 and Ifira Black Bird came third after beating Amicale 5-0 in the third place final and received VT 20 000.
Individual awards
Best Goalkeeper: Alice Sovai of Westam FC
Woman of the match: Sylvie Gedeon of Tafea FC